Collection: CracklessEgg FAQ


What is the CracklessEgg™?

The CracklessEgg system consists of the Crackless Egg sensor and mobile app. The sensor is an exact replica of a real large-size egg that is packed with sensors that measure all the forces your eggs feel as it travels along the processing line. 

The sensor takes measurements including impact forces on 3 axis, velocity and direction of travel.  Soon, temperature and humidity will also be measured. This data is gathered at a high rate and are transmitted via Bluetooth to the mobile app. 

The mobile app displays all the incoming measurements in real-time and alerts you to impacts that can cause eggshell damage.   Customizable thresholds allow you to tailor measurements to your particular operation. Impact events of concern are recorded for later review and you can attach a note, photo or video to each.

By using the CracklessEgg system to identify areas of concern and fine tune your processing line you can realize significant savings. Reducing breakage by even a small amount can result in tens of thousands of dollars in profit.

What mobile devices are the CracklessEgg mobile app compatible with?

The CracklessEgg mobile app is available for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

On iOS, you require an iPhone 11 or newer running iOS 15 or newer.  The CracklessEgg mobile app is not intended for use on iPad tablets. 

On Android, your device must be running Android 10 or higher with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (720p). The CracklessEgg mobile app is not intended for use on Android based tablets.

How much does the CracklessEgg system cost?

Currently, the price of the CracklessEgg system is $4,995 USD.

How much will I save by using the CracklessEgg system?

Every operation is different, but according to data from the US FDA, an operation with 500,000 birds can save up to $240,000 USD per year simply by decreasing their breakage rate by just 1%.

What is included in the system?

When you buy the CracklessEgg system you get a sensor, ruggedized carrying case, charging cable, a magnetic key for turning the sensor on and off, and quick start and warranty documentation.

How long is the warranty and what’s covered?

The CracklessEgg sensor is warranted for 1 year from the date of shipping to the original customer. This covers the internal electronics only. Damage to the eggshell due to drops is not covered. 

For detailed information refer to the CracklessEgg Warranty.

How many CracklessEgg sensors do I need?

Ideally, and to obtain the most benefit from the CracklessEgg system, you should consider 1 CracklessEgg sensor per barn so that you are able to make measurements on a regular basis without needing to transport the equipment from location to location. 

We recommend that you start with a single sensor to get familiar and comfortable with its use and to train your staff. After that, you can add additional sensors for other locations. The overall cost of the CracklessEgg system is just a fraction of the potential savings you can achieve by continually ensuring your processing equipment is operating at peak performance.

How do I order the CracklessEgg system?

The CracklessEgg system can be purchased directly from our website,  If you need to purchase multiple sensors contact our sales department at

How do I contact customer service to make changes to my account or request support?

We're here to help. The easiest way to contact our customer service team is by submitting a support request on our Help Page.

Product Use and Specifications

How do is setup my CracklessEgg?

Setting up your CracklessEgg is very simple.  Just download the CracklessEgg mobile app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, create an account and then pair your CracklessEgg sensor with your mobile device. You may wish to charge your sensor first.

How do I charge the CracklessEgg sensor?

To charge your sensor, open it by unscrewing the 2 halves of the eggshell then, using the supplied micro-USB charging cable, connect the sensor to a USB charger or a USB port on your computer.  It may take several hours to initially charge the sensor. 

You should charge your sensor after each use so that it’s ready to go the next time you need it.

How do I turn the sensor on and off?

To turn the sensor on, open it by unscrewing the 2 halves of the eggshell then, using the supplied magnetic key, hold the key close to the USB connector on the sensor board for 5 seconds.  The sensor lights will turn on. 

To turn the sensor off, repeat the same process as turning it on.  When the sensor turns off, the light will go off.  Note, if you don’t use the sensor for an extended period it will automatically power down to conserve battery power.

How long does the battery last?

The sensor battery will provide up to 6 hours of continuous use on a full charge.

Can the sensor go through a washer?

Yes.  The CracklessEgg sensor is fully waterproof.  It can safely pass through all washing equipment in your line.

How does the CracklessEgg sensor detect damage?

The CracklessEgg sensor contains numerous devices that measure impact forces from multiple directions, speed, and directions of travel. This data is collected at up to 100,000 times per second, processed and sent to the mobile app.  When measurements in the data exceed threshold values that you set, the CracklessEgg mobile app will alert you and save that event for future review.

Why do I need to set the damage thresholds myself?

While the CracklessEgg system comes with pre-set damage thresholds that are suitable in most cases, you may want to adjust them to consider other factors such as health/age of the flock producing the eggs, type/age of equipment in your line, etc. 

You can set 2 thresholds, one for the force at which damage to eggs may occur (the “Warning” zone) and one for the force at which damage is likely to occur (the “Danger” zone).

How do I use the CracklessEgg system to prevent egg damage?

To use CracklessEgg to prevent damage, start by establishing a baseline of how your processing line is performing today by running the CracklessEgg sensor down your line several times. You can then review this data to determine areas in your processing line that are approaching or exceeding the set thresholds. After identifying problem areas, you can make adjustments to your equipment to achieve a smoother flow.  Lastly, you rerun the CracklessEgg sensor to verify the improvement.

After I adjust my line, why do I need to the CracklessEgg anymore?

Overtime equipment ages and may become rougher, resulting in higher impact forces on your eggs. The nutrition profile and age of the flock are also variables that effect egg shell damage. Another common issue is that parts may become loose and extend into the egg path resulting in damage.  By using the CracklessEgg system on a regular basis you can keep track of how your processing line in performing compared to your desired baseline, allowing you to take proactive steps to prevent damage and loss before it occurs.

Shipping and International Use

Does the CracklessEgg ship internationally?

Yes, CracklessEgg ships internationally. International shipping may incur additional charges such as import duties, taxes, and customs processing fees, which are the responsibility of the customer.

Does the CracklessEgg app support multiple languages?

Yes, the CracklessEgg app is currently supported in English and Spanish.

How does international shipping affect the delivery time of my CracklessEgg?

Delivery times for international orders may be longer due to customs processing. The estimated delivery time will be provided at checkout.

Can the CracklessEgg be used in any country?

The CracklessEgg is designed for global use, but please ensure that you are in compliance with local regulations regarding wireless technology and usage.

How are warranty services handled for international customers?

International warranty services are available, but customers may be responsible for shipping costs to and from the designated service center.

Will Masitek assist with customs clearance for international shipments?

Customers are responsible for customs clearance. However, shipping documents provided by Masitek will be prepared to facilitate the process.