Fewer Cracked Eggs. More Profit.

CracklessEgg is the only eggshell sensor that reduces breakage rates for more profitable egg production. The affordable sensor tracks your eggs’ journey, preventing damage and loss from the coop to the customer. 

Add profit to your farm’s bottom line. Boost your quality rates, prevent egg loss, and minimize complaints. It’s not just about saving eggs—it’s about improving your farm’s profitability. 

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Maximize Your Farm’s Earnings with CracklessEgg - the Top-Rated Sensor Farmers Trust.

Get the #1 rated eggshell sensor technology for farms of all sizes.

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Pinpoint egg damage costing you money.

Enhanced Egg Quality and Bottom Line

Boost your farm’s profitability by ensuring more eggs survive the journey from handling to customer. CracklessEgg is the easiest and most efficient method to lower annual loss due to egg breakage, regardless of flock size.

CracklessEgg helps lower your breakage rate - putting hard-earned profit back in your pocket.

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On-the-Spot Problem-Solving

Durable, heat and water-resistant, CracklessEgg is ideal for troubleshooting problems in any farm environment. The CracklessEgg mimics a real egg, detecting every bump and shake in processing.

Tweak your process on the fly—tightening a belt here, cushioning a drop there—to stop egg damage before it happens.

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Calibrate Your Equipment for Better Egg Handling

Your equipment works hard, but is it being kind to your eggs?

CracklessEgg provides reliable data on egg handling processes, so you can calibrate machines to be gentle on eggs and tough on inefficiencies. By monitoring and tracking shock levels over time, your eggs stay safe.

With CracklessEgg your equipment works better, for longer. It’s good for your eggs and your wallet.

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Why farmers choose CracklessEgg to reduce breakage rates on their farm.

  • Includes an easy to use mobile app anyone can use 
  • Real time data streaming for quick problem solving 
  • Weight balanced to imitate chicken eggs 
  • Heat and water resistant to work anywhere on the farm 
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  • Data Recording

    Sampling rate ensures 99% repeatability on any given point.

  • Battery

    Rechargeable Li-Ion: 6 hours continuous use

  • Impact Detection

    Accelerometers: 2 Triaxial Accelerometers provide comprehensive 360º detection.

CracklessEgg App

Available on Google Play and the App Store, the CracklessEgg app makes it easier for farms to access reliable data on egg handling processes. Using a color-based visual graph, farmers can calibrate equipment and transportation.

  • Real-time egg impact measurements to accurately locate damage
  • Easy to read red, yellow, green visuals for ease of use
  • Photos, videos, note-taking and saved data makes it easy to look back in time.
  • A vibrating pulse when impact exceeds threshold for even easier field use

Get data on your eggs to make better decisions on the farm.

Let’s talk about how CracklessEgg can lower your breakage rates and put more money back in your pocket.