Impact Threshold Guide to Reduce Eggshell Damage

Impact Threshold Guide to Reduce Eggshell Damage

How much impact is too much?

Egg breakage can be influenced by many factors such as equipment maintenance, nutrition, and the age of the flock. As a starting point, here’s our guide to recommended impact thresholds to reduce eggshell damage.

Fast operating speeds to achieve operational efficiency are a challenge when mixed with sensitive eggs whether they are table eggs or breeding eggs. Broken eggs cause downtime for clean-up, while hairline cracks and star fractures increase the risk of contamination in a location where bio-security is a top priority.

Here’s what we’ve learned about impact thresholds as in relation to eggshell damage:

Here’s a guideline of recommend impact levels:

Here’s how to set your thresholds in the CracklessEgg app. 


Over the should shot of a person using the CracklessEgg app to set impact thresholds





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